Whether you are stuck in a legal battle against a multinational corporation or have a minor case to be dealt with, having a powerful lawyer by your side will undoubtedly reduce your stress level drastically. As it is their oath as an attorney to take in your worries and provide you with the ideal solution which guarantees your win in one form or another.

While it is easy to get a lawyer to represent your case in the court, the hard part is finding a great lawyer to represent your case, cause choosing an attorney with a little more experience and knowledge can undoubtedly make a lot of difference. Although there are various websites and offices which guarantee to provide the untrained eye with the best lawyer, but as a client wanting the best, how can you distinguish a lawyer from a great lawyer? Well, to help solve this exact conundrum, the following are the crucial key points every person must keep in their mind while picking out a great lawyer to represent their case.

  1. Experience

One of the most essential steps one must take while hiring a lawyer is to see the amount of experience they have had dealing with the type of case you are about to present them with. Although comparing the percentage of their wins or losses is also a considerable option, but this won’t help you determine the type of lawyer they are.

  1. Visit their office

In many countries, there are firms which have a website showcasing the services they provide, but not all of these have an address listed in their contact page. This is because these are individual lawyers who generally do not have an office space but manage all the work from their home. Apart from that, visiting a lawyer’s office will not just give you a gist of their working conditions but will also show you whether they are successful in their specific area of expertise or not.

  1. Speciality

It is common knowledge that there are various types of lawyers who specialize in their field and this lies testimony of their expertise in that specific field, thus only catering to cases in that field. These are the type of lawyers you must look for if you are trying to find a lawyer who can guarantee you a win.

  1. Background research

One of the main aspects which people usually miss out while hiring a lawyer is looking at the lawyer’s history and background. While many of the lawyers abide by the code of conduct they swore to; few just want to make money. Either from their clients for assuring a win or from the accused client to ensure their clients loses the case. Hence making sure that the lawyer who gets chosen has the self ambiguity of following the rules they have sworn to abide is critical.

  1. Talk to Lawyers

While conducting self-research and evaluation is entirely acceptable, but asking other lawyers for recommendations can help in the long run significantly. Talking to other lawyers will help you to set up an image in your mind regarding what qualities you must see in the lawyer while choosing them and also it obviously won’t hurt to look at the lawyers they recommend for the case — thus widening the area of choices.